Ongoing education is essential for a dog trainer. I keep up with current research, the latest training techniques and clever solutions to help you learn quick, easy ways to teach your dog the behaviors you want to see.

I attend seminars and conferences regularly on topics I’m passionate about, including aggression, canine cognition, puppy development, understanding body language, dog-dog interactions and play, emotions as a learned behavior, development of behavior in dogs and wolves, and more! Here’s a partial list:


  • Pet First Aid, Spring 2012, Summer 2016

  • Improve your “I-Cue,” Kathy Sdao, November 2015

  • Reinforcement & Problem-Solving Strategies, Ken Ramirez, November 2014

  • Training Concepts with Dr. Ian Dunbar, September 2013

  • BATing 1000 for Dog Reactivity, Grisha Stewart, September 2012

  • Helping Fearful Dogs, Nicole Wilde, August 2012

  • Tellington T-Touch Training, Adrienne Brockway, August 2012

  • Midwest Veterinary Conference, February 2011

  • Scaredy Dog, Ali Brown, Summer 2011

Education and Experience

Hi! I’m Gayle Motyka, founder and owner of Rescue Me Canine Education. I’m a CPDT-KSA—that’s Certified Professional Dog Trainer-Knowledge & Skills Assessed. 

I love my work as a dog trainer, because I get to see people and their dogs fall in love with each other. I work with all kinds of dogs—puppies, rescues and adult dogs—and all breeds. I’m especially passionate about working with reactive dogs and their families, because of my connection with my dog, Dolce. 

Dolce was a foster dog that my husband, Jeff, and I ended up adopting after two years. She was so timid in new situations that she was reactive to dogs, people, objects, wind, noise, movement—you name it! 

While I worked toward my dog-trainer certification, Dolce and I practiced behavior-modification techniques. Since then, she’s learned agility and loves to take walks in our neighborhood and parks. She has thrived with positive training, and because of that, we have a relationship that I’ve not had with any other dog. Our relationship is built on trust, safety and interacting in a positive way with everything we encounter. It’s my joy and honor to help you develop a similar bond with your dog, and I can’t wait to meet you both. 


Gayle and Dolce

Professional Credentials and Affiliations