Gayle Motyka

Ohio State University, BS - Consumer Economics and Finance
Honor Graduate - Animal Behavior College
Certified Professional Dog Trainer - Knowledge & Skills Assessed 

We serve the following counties:
Lorain, Cuyahoga, Medina

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We provide the following:
- Private, in-home consultation sessions
- Basic obedience for puppies and adult dogs
- Household manners
- Behavior Modification programs

We offer training for the following:
- Jumping on guests
- Walking nicely on leash
- Coming when called / recall training
- Potty / house training
- Nipping and biting
- Destructive chewing
- Aggression/reactivity issues
- Separation anxiety
- Resource guarding

... and much more!

All private in-home sessions and Behavior Modification sessions are scheduled to suit your needs and include a detailed training or treatment plan, as well as and pre-determined follow-up calls and/or emails to help you reach your goals.



"Where knowledge ends, violence begins."  - Suzanne Clothier

Does your dog pull you while on walks? Bark or lunge at people and other dogs outside? Greet you and your guests by jumping? Steal food from the kitchen counter? Look at you or run away when you call his name? Rescue Me! Canine Education, LLC can help!!

Rescue Me! Canine Education, LLC strives to guide humans and their canine companions to live a happier and less stressful everyday life by teaching a nonviolent approach to dog training.  There is no “one size fits all” approach; it should be tailored to fit each individual or family and their specific needs. 

Whether you are looking for help with aggression issues, coming when called training or just better basic household manners, Rescue Me! Canine Education, LLC will create a personalized program using the most effective and current scientifically based techniques to gain the most efficient results.  

Call 440-822-5357 or email now to unleash your well-mannered pup! You can also use our convenient online contact form for any questions!